Building a Case for Support

Early on in your fundraising planning, you’ll want to develop a Case for Support. This is a document that pulls together all the relevant information about a project or your organisations that might help persuade a potential funder to support you.

A Case for Support demonstrates that:

  • There’s a real need – and preferably some sense of urgency;
  • You can see a solution – details of what that solution is and why/how it will meet the need;
  • Your organisation is the best placed to fulfil that need;
  • You have a sustainability plan – that you’re not reliant on a very few sources of income which could make your organisation vulnerable and therefore a risky investment;
  • Your project fits well with their objectives.

Not only does the Case for Support form the basis of fundraising proposals, but it’s also a useful way to check that you’ve really thought every aspect of your projects through right at the outset.

You can download our guide to building your Case for Support below:


Getting started in fundraising - Building a Case for Support

Free download – Getting Started in Fundraising: Building your Case for Support