Small Charity Week: Help that costs you nothing

Calling all small charities with a turnover of under £1.5 million: You should know about Small Charity Week (17-22 June) –! Set up by the FSI (itself a small charity), Small Charity Week offers lots of freebies, competitions, initiatives and support over the course of the week, including:

  • I Love Small Charities Day: Two competitions to win funds for your charity – all you have to do is get supporters to submit messages for your small charity through Twitter and Facebook;
  •  Big Advice Day: Pro-bono advice on any charity topic of your choosing will be available from experts across the sector and business leaders either face to face in a central London advice hub or via phone or Skype;
  • Policy Day: Local and national events will be held to support engagement between small charities and policy makers and influencers;
  • Volunteering Day: Showcase your small charity volunteering opportunities and register for free events including a marketing and trustee speed-matching event;
  • Fundraising Day: Take part in a number of competitions and initiatives to raise vital funds for your small charity for FREE, including the chance to win a share of £1,000 from the Vodafone Foundation and to raise funds from eBay users during Small Charity Week;
  • Celebration Day: Book your free charity stand to engage with the public at a mini festival held in central London, or why not run your own event to celebrate your amazing work.

Check the website now as some deadlines are fast approaching, and follow them on Twitter @SCWeek2013


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