Why work with us?

We’re Christians.  Whilst faith-based and secular fundraising and communications share many techniques, we understand that Christian projects have their own unique foundations, opportunities and challenges. We’re as passionate as you are to expand your mission and social justice projects so that they help more people, and we’ll go the extra mile to help you.

We’re experienced, having worked in fundraising and communications for Christian organisations ourselves. We know that you face different challenges from charities that aren’t faith based. And we hope that we can point you towards some new opportunities for raising funds!

We offer a wide range of services – see more at How We Can Help.

We offer great value – and we aren’t VAT registered so you don’t automatically get an extra 20% on your bill. We know many smaller Christian charities aren’t VAT registered either and can’t claim that money back.

We give back. We give a tenth of our profits to Christian mission projects.