How We Can Help

Why would you want to use an external consultancy? After all, it costs money, and who wants to spend money in the current climate?

Diversification is essential:

Not every smaller charity has all the skills they need in house to develop and implement a holistic fundraising/communications strategy. The most sensible solution, at first glance, might be to see if you can recruit a volunteer to do that for you. If you are really lucky, you may find that you have volunteers that are appropriately skilled, understand charity fundraising, and have the available time to help you. But that’s quite rare.

BigSmallCharity can help you in two ways: Either we can step in and do the necessary work for you (consultancy). Or we can mentor your staff or volunteers to learn how to do it for themselves (coaching).

So, here are the skills we can offer you:

  • Strategy and planning
  • Branding, messaging and copywriting
  • Websites, databases, ezines
  • Social media strategy (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc)
  • Direct marketing (not just direct mail, but supporter journeys whatever the medium)
  • Corporate partnerships
  • Partnerships with other charities
  • Grant applications
  • Community fundraising (including online Fundraising Workshop seminars, fundraising toolkits, supporter materials development)
  • Development/production of communications materials including brochures, reports, proposals, videos, powerpoint presentations
  • Major donor fundraising
  • New product development
  • Research
  • PR and advertising, online and offline
  • Events – awareness events, fundraising events, gala dinners – pretty much any type of event you can think of
  • Staff mentoring in fundraising, communication and marketing

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m a communicator, fundraiser and marketer with 30 years’ experience in the commercial and charity sectors.

I’m passionate about helping charities that want to grow (and it is possible, even in the current economic climate!), but that don’t want to spend a fortune doing it.  There is lots of free help out there, but it’s knowing where to find it. There is much technological innovation, but it’s knowing which is right for you and how to use it most effectively.

So if you are involved with a charity, and you don’t want to tread a well worn path because you recognise that, with government cutbacks, increased competition for a shrinking grants universe, and changing supporter demographics, you need to do things differently – get in touch. A conversation never cost anyone anything!