Our clients have included Scripture Union, Mission Aviation Fellowship, Samaritan’s Purse, Habitat for Humanity,  Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, FaithAction, Five Talents, World in Need, Restored, The Well Christian Healing Centre, The Message Trust, ACET, Dreams InDeed International, Mission Without Borders, Christian International Peace Service (CHIPS), Regenerate UK, The Sanctuary. Below are testimonials from a few of them.

the-fishermen-2983615 web“Emma has been key in the development, launch and roll out of Scripture Union’s Light Party campaign over the last two years. From the germ of an idea to distributing over 7,000 packs in its second year, the campaign has been a great success. Emma has provided competent project management, skilful copywriting and helpful support with strategic planning. She has been crucial in allowing a small team to flex and deliver more and to her credit acts more like part of our team that just as a consultant.” Paul Stockwell, Head of Fundraising, Scripture Union

“We are a small charity working to end violence against women, which is a challenging area for fundraising. Emma has been brilliant in covering an extremely wide range of fundraising work from developing regular givers, where she designed and launched a programme for us, through events to trust applications. She works on a part-time consultancy basis for us and has been very flexible in responding to our needs. She has drafted supporter communications, guided us through GDPR preparation and helped to develop our contacts database. She is very much part of our team and is very encouraging to work with. I recommend her strongly for any charity looking for a supportive and talented fundraiser.” Peter Grant, Co-founder and Co-director, Restored

“Emma is an enormously dependable and hardworking person with really strong project management skills. The job always gets done! She is very practical in her approach and carries a toolbox of tangible solutions (from a lifetime of experience) to knotty fundraising and communications challenges. She is quick to assimilate and keen to get to the end result. Her versatility makes her an excellent extra pair of hands in any fundraising team.” Ian Walkden, CEO of Habitat for Humanity GB.

“Yesterday the Board approved the Fundraising Strategy. I see this as the start and a foundation to build other plans and strategies on. Thank you for all your help and expertise.” Paul Martin, Fundraising and Operations Director, MAF

“I have really enjoyed working with you and you have brought fresh energy, enthusiasm and commitment just when we needed it. I am really grateful for all your help, support and generosity – you have had a big impact on ACET and we would have not come this far without you!” Peter Fabian, CEO, ACET UK

“Many thanks for your excellent research on foundations and trusts in the UK and Europe. We really appreciate your expertise and heart. It has been a pleasure to get acquainted and to work with you. We are truly grateful for you shining your searchlight to illuminate our path into the unknown.” David Haskell, Founder and International CEO, Dreams InDeed International

“I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for the work you did with us. I will look back at your time with us being a key turning point.” Daniel Singleton, National Executive Director, FaithAction

“Emma has a very personal approach and will work closely with you and your charity to achieve the desired goals. We found Emma very competent in the field of charity strategy and fundraising and we gladly recommend her to anyone seeking advice or assistance.” David Shamiri, CEO, World in Need

“Thank you for all your help with our fundraising. It has really focused us and put us on a good track. I really appreciate you constantly pushing us to do better, it was what we were hoping for out of our time with you. I really feel I’ve improved drastically as a fundraiser and manager through your coaching! Thanks so much, you’ve really been a massive help!” Stuart Chell, Head of Fundraising, The Message Trust