A Celebration of Creation

For a change, today I want to share a beautiful bit of prose with you, written by Margaret Silf (and published with her kind permission) in the hope that it might speak to you as it spoke to me. It’s her take on the creation story, from her book “Sacred Spaces: Stations on a Celtic […]

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Taking Money from the Dark Side

So, the News of the World is closing, following the escalating phone hacking scandals. As one last ‘gesture’ they are donating all their advertising space this Sunday to good causes. If you are a charity, especially one that could not normally afford to advertise, the prospect of an advertisement in a newspaper with a circulation […]

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Companies Must Envy Us!

I was reading a blog post on 101fundraising by Hanneke Warrink, a fundraiser in the Netherlands, about how she was confronted by the media regarding costs, following the out-of-context publication of the amount her charity had spent on a particular project. She has my sympathy – and no doubt the sympathy of many other fundraisers […]

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