Fantastic Opportunity for Small Christian Charities!

If you are involved with a small Christian social change charity registered in the UK, here is a fantastic opportunity, courtesy of Cross Pollinate Foundation which to date has raised over £750,000 for small Christian social change charities:

Cross Pollinate are inviting Christian organisations who are a registered charity, work in social change and have an annual income less than £500k (including if you’re part of a network of legally separate charities) to apply to present their organisation at its next ‘Dragon’s Den’ evening on Tuesday 6th November 2012 in central London.

The selected charities will have 6 minutes to present ‘How £5,000, £15,000 & £25,000 would help us change lives’ and then 6 minutes to respond to questions. Later in the evening there will be an opportunity for the guests to anonymously pledge support to the presenting charities (none are any obligation to do so, it’s all down to what a good case the charities make).

If you want to apply to be selected, email a short proposal to before Friday 21st September. Your proposal should be no more than one side of A4, saved with a file name identical to the name of the charity (VERY IMPORTANT), and should answer the following questions:

In one paragraph, what does your organisation do?
How does your organisation’s Christian identity make a difference to the work?Tell the story of one or more lives changed for the better by the work of your organisation
How would you use £5,000, £15,000 & £25,000 to creatively and effectively change lives? This should be as specific and tangible as possible!
Please clearly state your: – Registered charity name – Registered charity number – Last year’s total income – Website address – Contact name – Direct email address, telephone number and address,

The selected organisations will be announced about four weeks before the event and will need to be available to present at the event on 6th November in central London.