Value Your People – even on a tight budget!

How many organisations have I heard say, “People are our biggest asset”? And how many of them really practice what they preach on the subject? Granted, it is especially hard in the current economic climate to be able to afford training. However, now there is a great little resource available at

I can recommend it to you from personal experience, and because I know that the author, Martin Howden, is highly respected in the field of coaching and does really know his stuff.

Not only is it a really useful publication, but Martin is GIVING IT AWAY! He is simply asking that you make a donation to a charity project that he is supporting (link on his website). So don’t just think about it for your staff, think about giving copies to some of your key volunteers too. It will be a great gift of appreciation for them, and will help them be the best that they can be (and help you manage them too!)


2 thoughts on “Value Your People – even on a tight budget!

  1. keep up the great work on the site. I love it. Could maybe use some more updates more often, but i am sure that you have got other things things to do like we all have to do unfortunately. =)

    1. Hi Bry – thanks for the post. Yes, you’re absolutely right about the updates… guess what my New Year’s Resolution is! 🙂

      So check back here in the New Year and I will have started to upload the Library… meantime, may I wish you and yours a very Happy Christmas!

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