My Mum Teaches Me About Supporter Choice

My mother taught me an interesting lesson the other day that I’d like to share with you.

Now, Mum is in her 70’s, bright as a button, but is neither especially fit or wealthy. However, she took to the internet like a duck to water, and enjoys campaigning and advocating for environmental causes in particular.

A while back, I sent her a link to a pressure group, because they were running a campaign to save the UK forests from sell off. Mum agreed that this was a great cause to champion, and off she went, campaigning across the ether.

However, when that campaign came to an end, and the pressure group¬†started instead to lobby for something non-environmental, Mum’s enthusiasm waned. She doesn’t want to campaign for campaigning’s sake, she wants to campaign for the things she is most interested in.

So she unsubscribed from their email list.

What she wanted to do was to subscribe only to the emails she was interested in receiving. But that option wasn’t offered. So the campaigning organisation has now lost a supporter, who will not know about other environmental campaigns that they may run in future.

And it struck me how often charities only offer email recipients the option of subscribing, or unsubscribing to their emails. Full stop, end of story. They don’t offer subscribers the choice of what emails they could sign up to receive. And in this day and age of being bombarded with information, isn’t that a choice we could and should offer them – both for their benefit and ours?